Douglass School Project is a non profit organization. We are repairing and renovating Douglass School in Higginsville, Missouri. This school served the African American population of Higginsville and surrounding areas from 1886-1955. The ultimate goal is to establish a learning center and museum to preserve African American history of Higginsville and Lafayette County. Please help with your tax deductible donation.

On Tuesday, the eleventh day of January, 1865, the Negro of Missouri awoke a slave; that night he retired a free man. His darkest hour had passed but before him loomed a great task, that of living up to the requirements of a man. His emancipators were confronted with the responsibility of preparing him for his new duties and for the proper use of suffrage which was to be granted him a few years later.

Henry Sullivan Williams

The black community has a tremendous heritage in the town and the area of the A.M.E. Church, Douglass School, and the church parsonage would depict quite well the hardships, victories, and long-time spiritual center.

V. Bielefeldt and Janice McMillan

Honoring the teachers and students of Douglass School.