March 20, 2023–The Board of Douglass School Project is excited to announce that Douglass School is now listed on the NATIONAL REGISTER OF HISTORIC PLACES. The Register is part of a program to identify sites that are worthy of preservation because of their historic significance. To be listed on the register, an applicant must first obtain an eligibility statement from the Missouri State Historic Preservation Office in Jefferson City. At that time you may proceed with an application to that office. The application takes about 300 hours of research, writing, and editing, and in the case of Douglass School, describes the history of Higginsville, segregation, and education in the area. If Missouri SHPO determines the property is eligible, they send the application to the National Parks Service, and they make the final determination. When the documentation is completed, we will include a link to the nomination document.

An historic survey proposal has been made by an architect specializing in historic preservation. Critical repairs have been made and cleanup has begun. Here are some photos. If you would like to help us with this important restoration, please click on the donate button on the home page. The ultimate goal is to establish a museum and learning center to preserve Black history in Lafayette County.

Front – before
stage area – after